Marine Conservation

These harmless creatures are an enchanting sight, whether shuffling through the sand to lay their eggs in the cool dunes, or playfully gliding through the water as you snorkel side by side.

Mustique's Turtle project is affiliated with Widecast, a specialist marine conservation group, which is dedicated to protecting the turtles within the Caribbean Sea and to raising awareness for their preservation.

The two types of turtle most commonly found in the Caribbean are the Hawksbill and the Leatherback.
Our resident island guides regularly patrol the beaches, monitoring egg laying, and safely relocating nests to nurture hatchlings, before they are ready to leave for the safety of the water. During the nesting season of May to October guests are invited to participate and may be lucky enough to see a nesting or a hatchling release during their stay.

Pioneering Coral Restoration

Coral reefs throughout the Caribbean have been gradually declining over the past decade due to human activity and pollution. Mustique's Environmental Programme, seeking to reverse this process, have been working with the Coral Restoration Foundation International (CRFI) to find a solution.

In March 2015 a team of specialist marine biologists from CRFI visited Mustique to implement a pioneering coral restoration project, to restore the endangered reefs surrounding the island. With the help of the island's conservation team a coral nursery of Elkhorn and Staghorn corals has been planted in Endeavour Bay and will be closely monitored over the coming months by the island's conservation team.

Island visitors can visit the nursery and see firsthand the rejuvenation process. We hope that our efforts will lead to the restoration of Mustique's corals reefs and raise awareness and support for coral protection and restoration throughout the Caribbean.