The Environmental Programme

On Mustique we have embarked upon numerous preservation and conservation programmes to ensure the protection and production of native flora and fauna habitats.

Much of the island remains undeveloped leaving great swathes of natural habitat for the local wildlife. Some of the roads have been left as dirt tracks to minimize the footprint, and a comprehensive recycling programme has been initiated ensuring that all waste is environmentally treated and recycled.

The Mustique Company is seeking to be part of the IUCN Caribbean special list, whereby we create zoned sanctuaries and reserves. With assistance from the IUCN and an internship scheme from a variety of Universities we hope to achieve a measurable benefit to the holistic and sustainable approach of Mustique Island. Measures for control of pollutants including visual and noise all need to be enforced in order to re-address the balance in our delicate eco system, from the marine and reef to beach and forest; the development of permacultural activities along with the soil and ground water improvements and eliminations of toxins.

The island's shareholders see themselves as the island's custodians and are deeply committed to its long term conservation for future generations.