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The Mustique Company is working hard to preserve areas of natural beauty and to minimise the environmental impact on Mustique.

Much of the island remains undeveloped leaving great swathes of natural habitat for the local wildlife. Some of the roads have been left as dirt tracks to minimize the footprint, and a comprehensive recycling programme has been 

initiated ensuring that waste is environmentally treated and recycled.

The island’s shareholders see themselves as the island’s custodians and are deeply committed to its long-term conservation for future generations. Their concern for the members of its staff and the development of the local communities goes hand in hand with this commitment.

Responding to increasing global climate challenges and international development, an official stewardship programme has been created to incorporate the future protection of the island’s resources and its people.

This stewardship programme is based on the three international outputs: People, Planet and Prosperity and will follow the principles of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).


The Mustique conservation area encompasses the entire island and extends 1000 yards from shore.  This is a designated ‘no-take’ zone and a protected area for all animals and plants, including coral fish, birds and reptiles.

Some examples of our environmental work are illustrated below.

  • Land Conservation
  • Marine Conservation
  • Coral Reef Restoration Programme
  • The Turtle Project
  • Waste Management
  • Renewable Energy


The company strives to:

  • Encourage further development of our staff by ensuring respect for human rights, staff well being and optimum working conditions
  • Increase the awareness of our guest and stakeholder, by investing in successful local partnerships
  • Encourage staff and local partners to share the commitment to the environment and support the creation of jobs that help protect local communities, culture and wildlife habitat
  • Encourage local entrepreneurship
  • Support local education through the Mustique Charitable Trust & the Mustique Charitable Foundation


The company is committed to participating in the cultural, economic and social development of our region, embracing innovation and furthering talent whenever possible. We implement this through island governance to:

  • Ensure that commitments on sustainability are clearly established and communicated to all stakeholders
  • Ensure the company’s Sustainability Management Plan is adhered to by all stakeholders
  • Ensure we apply the latest technology to support our efforts on sustainability
  • Deliver optimum working Relations and Conditions
  • Committing to a responsible purchasing policy and therefore delivering sustainable outcomes through responsible supply chains.
  • Communicating the company’s Ethical Charter to our stakeholders.

Established projects:

  • The Mustique School
  • Island Healthcare
  • Staff Training
  • Purchasing Policy
  • Ethical Charter
  • Carbon Report and Resource Monitoring