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Climate and Weather
Mustique enjoys a warm climate, with an average temperature range of 75 to 85 degrees (24 to 29 C) throughout the year.

Time Zone
Mustique Island is in the Atlantic Standard time zone and is 4 or 5 hours behind GMT depending on time of year.

Island Currencies
Mustique trades in US dollars and Eastern Caribbean dollars (EC$) which have an approximate value of EC$ 2.60 / US$1.00.

Please ensure you travel with sufficient cash for your stay as there are no cash machines on the island and the Mustique Company office has a limited supply.

Jeep & Mule Rentals
There are a variety of different vehicles on island with beach buggies (fondly called mules) being the most popular. Guests wishing to hire a mule must be at least 17 years old and have a valid driving license. Drivers will need a current St. Vincent & the Grenadines driving permit, which is available prior to travel or on arrival from Immigration for US $40 per person. Mules can be rented from US $95 per day by pre-booking through your reservations agent.

Dress Code
Island life is relaxed and informal and there is no 

dress code, although some guests choose to be more formal by night. No ties or jackets are required.

Drinking Water
As part of our sustainability programme the island has installed its own desalination plant and water purifying system so that the island has its own fresh water supply. The tap water is excellent but if bottled water is preferred it can be purchased at the island’s grocery stores.

All properties are designed to accommodate a 220-240v system, with standard British plug sockets.

Mobile phone coverage
Mustique has 3g, 4g and LTE.

Computer Services
The island has comprehensive broadband internet access and Wi-Fi throughout all of its properties. Should you require further information or assistance please contact the IT department who will be happy to help.

Television & Telephones
A variety of channels broadcasting news, weather, sports and films are available in your villa including popular channels such as BBC World, CNN and NBC networks. Please ask your villa staff for further information.

The Mustique Community Library has a comprehensive range of books, fiction, non-fiction 

and an extensive reference section, and offers internet and e-mail service, faxing and photocopying facilities, and DVD rental.

Medical Centre
The island doctor runs a fully-equipped modern clinic and dispensary offering 24 hour medical and emergency care, including the arrangement of emergency evacuation.

Saint Vincent is a Christian country, main denominations are Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, and Pentecostal. Regular Catholic and Christian services are held on the island and all island guests are welcome to attend.

Airline Restrictions
Please note that strong rum cannot be taken on board flights to and from St Vincent & Grenadines. The legal limit is 70% proof.

There is a small selection of shops on the island, from the local grocery shop and fish market to the renowned Pink and Purple House boutiques that sell an extensive range of beach wear including Lotty B’s much sought after silk sarongs and kaftans.

Island Fee
The 10% fee (also known as Admin fee) added to all villa reservations is a levy giving access to the island’s services and activities.