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Mustique’s Covid-19 pages

The Mustique Company takes the safety and security of our residents, employees and guests very seriously. Please ensure that you have read every page carefully that is relevant to your journey and visit.

Since the beginning of 2020, Covid-19 has forced us to adapt the way we live our lives. These pages contain the latest information, all in one place, for Travel and Testing as well as the on-island protocols we have introduced to make your journey and visit to Mustique as simple and enjoyable as possible. Please read them all carefully and follow the appropriate actions based on your journey.

We require anyone coming to Mustique to have a negative PCR test certificate and the result must be sent to the Company for pre-arrival approval to land. Please note that all guests must spend a minimum of 5 nights on Mustique before traveling again nationally or internationally.

On the Island, you will need to be tested on arrival. For all further protocols, please read on through our travel pages. Each travel hub has individual protocols – make sure you are fully aware of all travel and on-island protocols before you travel.

Before you leave the island there is now a requirement to have a PCR test in order to transit back through St. Lucia or Barbados. These will be carried out by the clinic on island and details can be found on our Testing page.