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Covid-19 FAQs

Below is a selection of regularly asked QUESTIONS:

What happens if I have had a PCR test, but haven’t received the results or certificate before arrival? What is the policy and options? 
Please contact travel@mustique.vc or +1 784 488 8424 before travelling. If you have not received your test results, your arrival will be delayed until the required certificates is received.

Do I need an Antibody test as well?
No, only the Covid PCR test is required at this time.

Will I be subject to testing on arrival?
All incoming guests will be subject to a temperature check (thermal imaging cameras) and a Covid test on arrival. Should you have an elevated temperature you may be required to undergo medical examination and/or further testing.

What happens if I get a positive result on Mustique even though my original PCR was negative?
Guests arriving on island and testing positive will need to quarantine on island. All arrivals travelling on that plane will be contacted and will be required to quarantine until all have been tested and assessed by Dr Bunbury.

Do guests need to quarantine upon arrival in Mustique?
Yes. After landing you must isolate in your Villa or Hotel – under NO circumstances should you leave your premises at all for any reason.

After 48 hours, if you have proof of full vaccination against Covid-19 (at least 2 weeks before arrival) then you are free to end your quarantine. A certificate of vaccination by an accredited authority must be produced and sent to pcrresults@mustique.vc prior to travel.

Unvaccinated persons are required to observe a further 72 hours self-isolation / quarantine. You must observe your own social bubble in your villa. You may go to the beach, go for walks but you must not interact with other people.

How do I book a PCR test on island?
Rapid Antigen Swab tests are offered at the Clinic if a guest would like to be tested again after arrival. Please email pcrresults@mustique.vc and Tish McCoy (the Clinic Receptionist) will book the test for you.

How long does it take to get PCR test results on island?
Test results are usually received within 48 hours.

Do I need to wear a mask?
Yes, you must wear a medical grade mask for your flight to/from Mustique. Please note that masks will not be supplied. When you arrive in Mustique, you are not required to wear a mask, unless indicated otherwise.

Can I purchase spare masks on island?
Yes, there are masks available to purchase but you do not need to wear a mask whilst on island, unless indicated otherwise.  Masks are only required in transit to/from Mustique.

Masks are available at the airport, at a cost.

What happens if I am medically exempt from wearing a mask?
You must have a letter from your doctor exempting you from wearing a mask. If you are travelling with children under 2 their passports will be sufficient proof.

Will the transit times be extended?
Please expect transit times to be extended also time for check-in and security at international airports. We are still limited by sunset on Mustique and the lack of lights on the airport runway but will do our very best to get you to the island as quickly as possible.

What are the villa staff doing to keep everyone safe? What are the enhanced cleaning procedures?
All villas are clean and sanitised on a regular basis with an extra focus on high touch-point areas, as per COVID19 protocols.

What happens if I get sick with Covid 19 whilst on island?
You will be looked after by the island doctor who will supervise your care and instruct the appropriate self-isolation for you and other guests with whom you have been in close proximity. Your departure from the island may as a consequence be delayed due to quarantine restrictions.

What facilities do you have to take care of patients with Covid?
Anyone with Covid symptoms will be under the medical care of the island doctor who will advise the best course of action based on the individual conditions. Guests can be medevaced to a hospital in Barbados or Martinique as needed.

Can I take a trip to another Grenadine island on a boat or yacht?
As Mustique is effectively a quarantine bubble, boat trips are allowed but currently no lunch / drinks can be permitted on other Grenadine islands within the first 5 days of a guest arriving on Mustique. Guests can take a boat trip with a picnic but they cannot disembark on another island.

If your question has not been answered above, please contact the sales teams below: