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Testing & Facilities

An update from Dr Bunbury

It is vital that guests arriving through hubs such as St Lucia and Barbados have had the correct tests, have submitted their results to the relevant authorities and are carrying the necessary documents. For up to date information and the latest checklists for travel, please visit the Travel Page.

Please read the travel protocols on the relevant page for the hub through which you are travelling: St. LuciaBarbados or St. Vincent.

We have the following facilities on island:

  • Dedicated accommodation for quarantine and self-isolation
  • Additional Nurse from St. Vincent provided by the Ministry of Health
  • Bosch PCR Covid testing machine (98% accuracy) within 2 and a half hours
  • Health Testing chemicals with cartridges to detect Covid and other viruses infections
  • Covid Anti-body testing kits

If any member of your party displays symptoms please contact the clinic to arrange testing.

In the event of a suspected case, anyone with Covid symptoms will be under the medical care of the island doctor who will supervise your care and instruct the appropriate self-isolation for you and other guests with whom you have been in close proximity. Your departure from the island may as a consequence be delayed due to quarantine restrictions.

In extreme cases, plans are in place for guests can be medevaced to a hospital in Barbados or Martinique as needed.