Information for guests travelling through St. Lucia

Please note that all guests must spend a minimum of 5 nights on Mustique before traveling again nationally or internationally.


Before you set off for Mustique you need to do the following:

St. Lucia testing

  • Book a Covid-19 PCR test at an accredited/certified laboratory within 5 days of your date of departure (see above diagram).
  • Once you have your negative test result, print two copies of your certificate. You will need to travel with these.
  • N.B Children under five do not need to be tested.
  • Within 7 days of your departure you will need to complete:
  • For St. Lucia the PCR test must be uploaded to your application upon receipt.
  • Print and travel with a copy of the travel authorization letter that you will receive before you travel (Will be received after upload and authorization of PCR results).
  • Please email a copy of the negative PCR test, the St. Lucia Pre-Arrival Registration Confirmation Email, the St. Lucia Screening Questionnaire, and the Vincy Pre-Arrival Travel Form 48 hours prior to travel so we can arrange for pre-clearance into the country.
  • Kindly do not email coronavirus task force SVG as we will submit the required info on your behalf under the Mustique bubble travel rules.

Important Information

  • It is pivotal that you complete your St. Lucia Pre-Arrival form at least 7 days prior to travel to avoid any issues with pre-clearance; you will also be required to upload a copy of your St. Lucia to Mustique Travel Itinerary to the form . After receiving your COVID test results, you can log back into your application and upload them. This must be done in order to get your approval in time for your travel.
  • At the beginning of the St. Lucia Pre-Arrival application form, please ensure you select that you are in-transit. When asked if you have a certified covid accommodation please select ‘Private/Vessel’, for the vessel name put ‘SVG Air’ and then upload your flight confirmation.
  • When completing the Vincy Pre-Arrival form there is a glitch in the system that changes you answer from ‘Yes’ to ‘No’ when asked if you are in possession of a negative covid test. The authorities are aware of such issue and it would not affect your travels.
  • The same Vincy pre-arrival form currently states that a PCR test must be taken within 3 days of travel. Please disregard this. Mustique has a special 5 day PCR test arrangement with the government of St Vincent & the Grenadines.

Your journey

  • Surgical masks are mandatory in all local airports and on the flights to and from Mustique, for all passengers 2 years old and older.
  • When you land in St. Lucia, you will need to clear both the Covid temperature checks and Customs, before you enter our new lounge awaiting your transfer to Mustique.

Arrival on Mustique

  • Upon disembarkation in Mustique, you will have a Rapid Antigen test performed at the Airport by a Medic – you will get your result immediately. Once this is completed and you receive your NEGATIVE result – you can travel up to your villa or hotel. This does not apply to anyone under the age of 5. The cost for this Rapid Antigen test is US$30 per person.
  • FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS after landing you must isolate in your Villa or Hotel – under NO circumstances should you leave your premises at all for any reason.
  • For the subsequent 4 days, you must observe your own social bubble in your villa. You may go to the beach, go for walks but you must not interact with other people. You may NOT go to any social gatherings, public bars, Basil’s, Yoga, Tennis or Supermarket. You must NOT invite anyone into your bubble for drinks / coffee etc…
  • DAY 5 of your arrival, you MUST come to the clinic to have either a Rapid Antigen Test or a PCR test between 09:30am and 11:30am Mon-Sat or 11:00am and 12:00 Sunday (no appointment needed). After this, you will be free to enjoy the island as normal. The cost for this is US$30 (Rapid antigen) / US$100 (PCR) per person.
  • However, if you can provide proof of full vaccination against Covid-19 (at least 2 weeks before arrival) then quarantine is reduced to 48 hours. A certificate of Vaccination by an accredited authority is required.
  • In the unlikely event that you receive a positive PCR result while on island you will need to isolate in your villa at your own cost until a negative PCR is obtained.

Departing Mustique

All passengers

  • You are now required to complete a PCR test 72 hours prior to departure from Mustique.
  • You MUST come to the clinic to have a PCR test between 09:30am and 11:30am Mon-Sat or 11:00am and 12:00 Sunday (no appointment needed). The cost for this is US$100.00 per person. DO NOT LEAVE THIS TOO LATE.
    Please NOTE: Clinic PCR test times are due to the swabs being flown to the laboratory in St. Vincent at approximately 12:00/midday. If you arrive at the clinic after this time – your test will not be sent to St Vincent until the following day. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you arrive on time and not leave it too late!
  • If you are travelling to the USA, anyone under 2 does not need to be tested. If you are travelling to the UK, anyone under 5 does not need to be tested.
  • Once you receive your negative test result, print two copies of your certificate. You will need to travel with these.
  • Within 3 days of your departure you will need to complete:
  • Print a copy of this and travel with it.

Passengers travelling to the USA

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines require all air travellers 2 years and older entering the U.S. to present proof of recovery from COVID-19, or a negative PCR or antigen viral test taken no more than 3 calendar days before departure, before boarding their flight—or they will be denied boarding. Laboratory result can be in printed or electronic form. Receipt of the vaccine does not currently provide an exemption.

Travellers will be required to provide proof of a negative test or recovery from COVID-19 before boarding any international flight bound for the United States and will also have to provide separate Passenger Disclosure and Attestation to the United States Form for passengers 2 years and older to their international airlines. Please print and bring this form with you to the airport.

Passengers travelling to the UK

Tests you must book before you complete the Passenger Locator form

You must book 2 coronavirus tests for when you quarantine in the UK, unless your job means you’re exempt. You are required to show the receipt/invoice for your pre-booked covid test at the international check-in counter.

You’ll need to book these before you complete the passenger locator form.

Depending which countries you’ve been in, you may need to book a managed quarantine hotel package. Your tests will be included with your hotel booking.

Before you travel to the UK, you must:

Fill in your passenger locator form. You must complete this form online before you arrive in the UK. You can submit the form any time in the 48 hours before you arrive in the UK.

You’ll need to show your form when you check in to travel or board your plane to the UK.

You’ll need to provide a negative coronavirus (COVID-19) test before you travel to the UK. The test must have been taken in the 3 days before your departure. The proof must be in English, French or Spanish.

Onward travel

Travel Restrictions are still in place across the globe, so the first point of reference for any traveller is to check the restrictions where you are travelling onto. There may well be protocols that all guests need to adhere to and the Mustique Company bears no responsibility for these protocols.

  • In the USA, please check the latest State Department advice as well as any local state restrictions that may be in place.
  • In the UK please read the latest FCO advice.

For a list of the questions we are frequently asked please visit our FAQs page.

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