Information for guests travelling through St. Vincent

Please note that all guests must spend a minimum of 5 nights on Mustique before traveling again nationally or internationally. 

Anyone landing in St Vincent will require an immediate transfer to a Mustique bound plane. People arriving late and or staying in St. Vincent may have to self isolate for 5 days before they can transit to Mustique.


Before you set off for Mustique you need to do the following:

  • Book a Covid-19 PCR test at an accredited/certified laboratory within 5 days/120 hours of your date of departure.
  • Once you have your negative test result, print two copies of your certificate. You will need to travel with these.
  • N.B Children under three do not need to be tested.
  • Within 5 days of your departure you will need to complete:
  • Print a copy of each of these and travel with them.
  • Please email a copy of the negative PCR test and the Vincy Pre-Arrival Travel Form 48 hours prior to travel so we can arrange for pre-clearance into the country.

Your journey

  • Surgical masks are mandatory in all local airports and on the flights to and from Mustique, for all passengers 2 years old and older.
  • When you land in St Vincent, you will need to clear both the Covid temperature checks and Customs, before you transfer to Mustique.

Arrival on Mustique

  • Upon disembarkation in Mustique, the government nurse will take your temperature and check relevant PCR results and Vincy Covid Forms
  • Anyone aged 5 or over will then need to have a Rapid Antigen test performed at the Airport by our personnel. Wait for 10 minutes to get the result. Once this is completed you can travel up to your villa or to the hotel. The cost for this test is $30 per person.
  • For the First 24 Hours after landing you must isolate in your Villa or Hotel – no leaving the premises at all for any reason
  • For the following 4 days guests are required to observe their own bubble in their own accommodation. You may walk, swim, visit the beach, but do NOT go to the public Bars, Restaurants, Hotel, Yoga, Tennis or Supermarket.
  • On day 5 you will need to take another PCR test at the Clinic; after this, you will be free to enjoy the island as normal.

Departing Mustique

  • You currently do not need to be retested at the end of your stay as you will be in-transit through St. Vincent Airport. Please check the entry requirements of the destination you are travelling through/to as you may have to comply with additional requirements.
    • NB requirements are subject to change with short notice.

Onward travel

Travel Restrictions are still in place across the globe, so the first point of reference for any traveller is to check the restrictions where you are travelling onto. There may well be protocols that all guests need to adhere to and the Mustique Company bears no responsibility for these protocols.

  • In the USA, please check the latest State Department advice as well as any local state restrictions that may be in place.
  • In the UK please read the latest FCO advice.

For a list of the questions we are frequently asked please visit our FAQs page.

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