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Picnics are central to life on Mustique. There are a number of picnic sites, some with barbeque grills, located around the island which are perfect for private parties. Your villa chef or hotel staff will prepare and set up your picnic for you. 

If you are staying in a villa, your Villa Services team can arrange an incredible feast for your and your guests to enjoy at one of our complimentary picnic spots.


Complimentary picnic sites are available on Lagoon, Obsidian, Pasture Bay and Macaroni beaches for use by homeowners, villas and hotel guests. To book a picnic site please call 8378 or 8424

Adorned with flowers and bunting each villa has a signature style, dressing the gazebo to create a sense of occasion.  And don’t be surprised if you are invited to join other picnic parties,  it’s a great way to meet other islanders and experience the islander’s extraordinary hospitality.


Startlingly clear waters at Lagoon make for great beach combing, located on the south west of the island. 


On the Eastern Atlantic coastline Macaroni Beach is probably the most famous Mustique beach, a dramatic sweeping crescent lined with powder white sand under a rich green canopy of palm trees.

Pasture Bay

On Pasture Bay, enjoy an exhilarating walk along the wild and windswept beach. Do watch out for the current if swimming on these beaches, it can be quite strong.


Obsidian is the most southern point of Mustique and offers an intimate picnic spot.