Oppidan Education: New Year’s Revision Camp 2019


For many parents the school holidays are a challenge. With important exams looming and children returning home with ambitious revision timetables, how do you achieve the balance of a restorative holiday for all the family and ensure your children are academically on track?

We have invited Oppidan Education back to the island from the 26th December 2019 – 5th January 2020 to provide that all-important tutoring and mentoring to help prepare children for their return to school and subsequent exams and to ensure you all can have a Christmas holiday together.

They will make sure that your children feel confident and fully prepared before going back to school, without the feeling like they haven’t had time away. 

Oppidan has a completely fresh approach to other players in the market. They ‘mentor the individual’ rather than ‘tutor the child’ which brings much more than just the exam results. I can’t recommend them highly enough.” Anya Hindmarch, CBE


Walter Kerr and Henry Faber set up Oppidan Education in January 2016. Frustrated by shortcomings in the tuition sector, Oppidan was formed to tackle the pressurised education market in London. Oppidan has developed an overseas programme to cater for increasing international demand for educational support and summer camps abroad, whether to visitors or locals.

Their focus in education is centred on the idea that learning is fun and should be enjoyed, highlighted by their emphasis on confidence and self-worth. This philosophy is proving very popular, successfully preparing children for 11+, Common Entrance, GCSE’s and A levels.

“Oppidan’s mentoring ethos offers the variety and breadth of education that all schools and parents should aspire to.”
Tony Little, Eton College Headmaster 2002-2015

To find out more about Oppidan please visit their website or click on the link below.


Oppidan will be holding complimentary daily drop-in workshops from 10-12pm to cover a broad range of subjects, for all ages and abilities, tailoring groups to suit everyone’s needs.

One-on-one study sessions will be available daily from 2-6pm which can be booked through your Reservations agent at a cost of $150 per hour. It is advisable to book in advance to ensure availability.

If you would like to book one-on-one sessions for the afternoons or to confirm your child’s attendance at the morning classes, please email Oppidan directly on or call the office on +44(0) 203 409 3359.


“Changing the rules beyond the classroom.” Evening Standard, April 2018

Oppidan Education is delighted to be working on Mustique over the Christmas holidays, providing study workshops and group revision sessions to the children on the island preparing for their upcoming exams.

The revision sessions are broken down into small groups and abilities are managed so that every child feels secure and happy at the club. On Mustique, the natural environment provides the most stimulating of surroundings and we believe that children who feel comfortable perform at their best. Oppidan’s focus on empathy ensures a personal approach to each child’s learning techniques.

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