Medical Clinic

You are in safe hands when on Mustique.

The island is a haven for guests of all ages and vaccinations are not required.

The Mustique Medical Clinic is open daily should you need medical advice and wish to see the doctor for a private consultation.  There is also an island pharmacy but we do advise guests to travel with essential medication.

Surgery Hours
Monday to Friday 8.00-12.30pm & 2.30-4.00pm
Saturdays 8.00-12.00 noon
Telephone +1 784 488 8353 or email

Surgery Consultation Fees
Clinic Appointments:
Guests and Visitors: US$195
Homeowner: US$145
Emergency or Home Visit: US$390
Xray: US$100
Ultrasound: US$50

And rest assured in the unlikely event of an emergency, medical evacuation can be arranged where guests are taken to hospitals in either Martinique or Miami.

Our Island Doctor

The Medical Clinic on the island is run by Dr Michael Bunbury.  Michael qualified from Cambridge University before becoming a Medical officer in the British Army.

He has spent the past 25 years running the island’s clinic, providing excellent health care to guests and the local community.  He also extends his services to St Vincent, running HIV and Diabetic Clinics on behalf of our Charitable Foundation.

Should you wish to make an appointment when on island or if you have any queries please do not hesitate contact the Clinic at or call +1 784 488 8353.


Andrea Battermann qualified as a physiotherapist in 1992 in Germany before moving to Scotland to work with the NHS.  In 1994, she qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner with the European Shiatsu Institute and as a Shiatsu teacher with the Shiatsu College in 1996.  She was the founder and principal of the Edinburgh Shiatsu College from 1996-2001. Andrea trained extensively in Energy Medicine and Healing methods in Europe, Japan and Brazil studying a variety of movement therapies such as Chi Gong, Yoga, Pilates and Dance as well as attending various Meditation Retreats and many post-graduate Physiotherapy courses.

Andrea’s wide range of professional experience and skill mix is unique, and therefore she often achieves fast results and is able to provide help for complex chronic medical conditions.  Since 2008 Andrea has worked in Mustique at the Medical Clinic with Dr Bunbury treating a wide range of physical and neurological conditions. Andrea offers a range of therapeutic services such as manual therapy, soft tissue manipulation, and lymphatic drainage as well as Shiatsu, a popular form of Japanese Acupressure and Acupuncture, Therapeutic Exercises, Pilates, Injury Prevention and private Physical Therapy Rehabilitation.

For more information visit Andrea’s website, or for a personal consultation contact her at or call: +1 784 528 2525.

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